He was just playing for time

Gaddafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim dismissed the NTC as an unlawful group and said Gaddafi’s son Saadi was willing to negotiate and form a transitional government in coordination with the r
ebels — something opposition leaders have made clear is unacceptable to them.

“No dignified, honorable nation would accept an ultimatum from armed gangs,” Ibrahim said in a phone interview with the Associated Press.


Forces loyal to embattled Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi killed more than 150 prisoners in a “mass murder” as they fled the rebel takeover of Tripoli, a rebel military chief told AFP on Friday,

“There were instances of revenge in the last few hours before the fall of the regime,” said Abdel Nagib Mlegta, head of operations for the takeover of the capital.

“In Bab al-Aziziya there was a mass murder. They killed more than 150 prisoners. The guards did it before running away. They threw hand grenades at them,” he said, referring to Qaddafi’s fortified headquarters

to negotiate the terms of his surrender. Belhaj said Saadi first called him Tuesday, asked whether his safety could be guaranteed and was told he would be treated huma


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