Stop the rot……….

Rot he talks and he should be stopped.

Make no mistake this suave, English speaking gangster has the morals of his master  – those of a rat.

Before he disappears down one of Gaddafi’s drains, he should be arrested and charged with complicity in the crimes of the regime which he still represents!

As the spokesman for the regime – and if you didn’t know – a member of the Gaddafi family, Ibrahim will have known full well what has been going on, from the initial butchery in Benghazi through the unspeakable horrors which are now coming to light in Tripoli.

This is the man who boasted about secret weapons, who told us that civilians were not being massacred in Misuruta and who has just announced that his master, the Colonel. could stay hidden for ever!!!

If you live by the sword……………..

Don’t let him slip away.

He needs to answer for his part in these crimes against humanity



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