Gadaffi 6 feet under?

With the Colonel reportedly in hiding 600 feet down, rather than the preferred 6 feet under, Nato is struggling.

At present, Gaddifi’s army’s seem to be holding their own, with plenty of tanks, shells and Grad rockets.

Indeed, in the face of no aerial attacks by Nato – not even one from the strangely absent Apache helicopters – loyalist forces were able to mount a major offensive against the rebels on Friday.

Whilst Nato was not flying on that unfortunate day and with reports of both possible allied weapons shortage and the shortage of participating Nato members, the promised victory looks way off!

Bombs won’t win the day, ground troops aren’t allowed, the Apaches have ridden off into the sunset and Gaddafi seems to come and go as he pleases.

Oh what a lovely war!

PS. Do tell us what has happened to the Apaches?


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