When your best friends are leaving you……………..

Where is Gaddafi and where are his friends now?

Not far from his Tripoli compound I’ll wager

Rumour has it that he is now moving between different hospitals in the Tripoli area, of course at night, so that no one can see him, in a desperate attempt to avoid the Nato missiles.

Hiding in hospitals – truly pathetic!

Well, the Bedouin warrior, who has anyway always proclaimed his nomadic lifestyle, has once again failed to travel incognito and should start facing the fact that at the moment he is the man everyone wants to hear about. He has not been seen in public since May 11 and has been advised to stop using telephones as his enemies hope his inability to communicate will hamper his ability to fight.

Depicting the image of a man who is paranoid and broken is certainly an attempt to destroy his public image and to further discredit him at a time where his regime is on the brink of collapsing and his most loyal friends are slowly defecting

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