One good reason to catch Gadaffi – Lockerbie!

Pan Am 103


On 22 February 2011, the ex Minister of Justice for Libya, Mustafa Mohamed Abud Al Jeleil stated in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Expressen that Muammar al-Gaddafi had personally ordered the bombing.

How they died


The crash of Pan Am 103: The crash was simply not survivable. 243 passengers killed. 16 crew members. 11 residents of Lockerbie. A total hit score of 270 persons.

Not every body aboard the plane died from the explosion. 8 passengers did. Or maybe they didn’t die from the explosion after all. Maybe they were sucked into engine 3 and vaporated. We simply don’t know. The 8 bodies are missing and not accounted for. They were all sitting in rows 23 to 28 in the economy section, just above the blast section.

2 other bodies from aboard the aircraft are not accounted for. 7 Lockerbie residents are missing. They were residents of the Sherwood Crescent area, and they probably became vaporated, when the fuel-loaded wing and center section of the aircraft crashed and exploded.

Post mortem pathological examinations of other victims aboard the plane indicated no in-flight fire or other indications of shrapnells from any explosion. No evidence unequivocally indicated any passengers or crew members had been killed or injured from any explosive blast.So what killed them ?

The majority of the people aboard Pan Am 103 died as a result of severe multiple injuries at different stages. In plain english this means they were literally crushed, hit, ripped apart and cut to death. People were killed as the aircraft disintegrated, as it hit ground, and some had been thrown from the aircraft fuselage during integration and at impact.

Most bodies fell in clusters. About 60 victims fell near Lockerbies famous golf course at the towns east end. About 50 bodies landed together with the fuselage in Ellen Ramsdens garden.

Some bodies were found in trees, some inside fragments of the plane, others lying spread-eagled in the mud. Death had reached them quick but violent. Some of the people aboard the aircraft have been conscious about their final fate all the way down.For some of them the fall took almost 2 minutes – the lack of oxygene in the uppe spheres might have let people meet death unconsciously, some might have regained consciousness when falling further down into oxygene-rich atmosphere. 2 bodies could not be identified. 658 bags of human remains are still to be identified.

Only one woman survived the accident. But not for long. Scottish rescue workers found a woman on the ground with a pulse.
But the pulse was gone 10 minutes later. The woman was never conscious, never lived to tell about her experience during those horrible minutes before the crash.


Two passengers aboard Flight 103 may have survived the fall from thirtyone thousand feet, according to a pathologist who testified before a fatal accident inquiry in Dumfries, Scotland. “The chances are that, even if they had survived, they would have been deeply unconscious after sustaining their injuries,” said Dr. Anthony Bussuttil.
Bussuttil is a professor of forensic medicine at Edinburgh University who testified before the inquiry on October 17, 1990. Bussuttil told investigators that eight pathologists grouped the victims into three categories:

1) the majority of passengers who most likely died immediately from injuries;

2) a smaller number with less-severe injuries but whose vital organs were extensively damaged, causing immediate death or unconsciousness;

3) and two passengers with less-severe injuries.

“It is possible that this third group may have survived for a short time,” Bussuttil said.
When asked if one or both might have survived given the “best qualified medical team possible,” Bussuttil replied: “There is a possibility that, if resuscitation was available immediately with access to hospital facilities, there could have been survival.” Bussuttil pointed out that, given the plane’s altitude when it exploded, the victims’ 2-1/2-minute free fall would have reached speeds of about 120 miles per hour. “Some victims may have fallen faster because they were attached to heavy parts of the aircraft,” he explained. “Some may have fallen more slowly because they were with parts of the aircraft which fluttered down.


He can’t be allowed to get away with this…………………………


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