More blows for the rebels

Government forces in Libya have been scattering land mines in the port city of Misrata, according to rebels and video footage.

They were dropped by mini-parachutes from rockets that open during flight.

Rebels said forces loyal to Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi had also bombed fuel tanks in Misrata, setting them on fire.

Misrata is Libya’s third-largest city and a key port. It is largely controlled by rebels fighting to topple Col Gaddafi, but has been under siege for weeks

According to a report in the New York Times, more than 20 of the Chinese Type 84 Model A mines were dropped in Misrata from rockets on mini parachutes late on Thursday night.

Here we see another example of the variety of tactics being used by pro-Gadaffi forces,which are supposed to have been seriously weakened by Nato attacks.

From tanks to cluster bombs, to Grad rockets to sea mines and now land mines, all are being thrown at the (only) rebel stronghold, without any meaningful reply from our Nato fghter jets.

The NATO military alliance says it is doing what it can, but Gaddafi’s forces have split up into small units and parked their tanks and rocket launchers next to buildings, making it hard for warplanes to find clear targets.

So much for air power – and so much for “upping the tempo” – let alone forcing Gaddafi out!


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