Backs to the city….?


The pro-Gaddafi forces, having attempted to mine the approaches to the Port, are now intent on blocking the Port to all vessels, humanitarian and otherwise.

An international aid ship helping to evacuate people from the besieged Libyan port of Misrata has come under rocket attack from government forces.

Witnesses said at least five people died and there was widespread panic among those trying to board the ferry, the Red Star One.

Amid the chaos about 200 people were left behind when the ship sailed for Benghazi, rebel sources said.

The forces of Col Gaddafi have been pounding Misrata for several weeks, but have now turned their guns on the Port.

Surely the loyalist rocket launchers which are being used, presumably with their backs to the sea, can be tracked by the Predator drones and attacked with precision by the drones and fighter jets – without the danger of hitting civilians who one assumes are by now well away from the Port area.

We really do need to sieze the  initiative from this tin-pot dictator.


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