Benghazi – the way it is……………..

With Nato out-fought on its air strike strategy, Gaddafi is once moe gaining the upper hand.

Seemingly Tornados, Mirage jets and even the fabled Predators are no match for human shields and tanks parked next to mosques and hospitals,

We just can’t even fight such a war, let alone win one!

So, Benghazi is next!

To ensure that the rebels have a fighting chance against Qaddafi’s better-equipped troops, Natowill have to move beyond air strikes and offering the TNC diplomatic recognition. They will need to provide medium-range rockets and light armored vehicles to anti-regime forces, in addition to training them to use their weapons properly.

Such a mission will require sending hundreds more military specialists to Libya than the few dozen that Britain, France and Italy have pledged.

What about the US Marines out there in the Med?


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