Regime change explained

Much is being made worldwide – even within Nato – of what is termed “Regime Change”

The phrase is quite easily defined as the replacement of an established regime with a different one.

Force, or coercion, may or may not be a factor in the process of such a change.

UN Resolution 1973, makes no explicit reference to regime change, a situation which has given rise to allegations of  military activity (principally air strikes) which are seen to be aimed at regime change and not for the humanitarian purposes which form the substance of UN 1973.

In case there remained any doubt about the matter, the USA. France and the United Kingdom have now stated that their joint objective is the complete removal of Colonel Gaddafi from Libya.

Regime change pure and simple!

In so far as Gaddafi continues to murder his own people, daily, it is clearly imossible for him and his entourage to remain as leaders of the Libyan State.

He must go, which will bring about regime change – and an end to the slaughter!


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