No Action Today Again..=..Nato!

Forty nations made a pact on Libya – now they have to act on it

The main burden of the military effort in Libya is falling upon just two of the 40 or so countries involved in the Nato mission,

Some 40 countries  committed themselves to support the Nato mission to protect Libya’s civilian population. But as for real business of mounting air strikes, only 6 will allow their planes to deliver the goods.

 Britain, France, Canada, Denmark, Norway and Belgium –make up the 50 or so bombing missions that Nato aircraft are flying each night against forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi.

Of these, 40 are carried out by the British and French – although senior Nato officers say they have been impressed by the performance of the Norwegians and the Danes.  RAF pilots and their French counterparts are sometimes forced to return from missions with their weapons loads intact – unused for fear of causing civilian casualties.

The main burden of the air strike campaign  therefore rests upon Britain and France  just two of those 40 or so countries that are supposed to be actively involved in the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1973.

So, what price Nato?

We don’t need it and those member states who are failing to assist in the process of  hindering Gaddafi’s campaign of mass murder need to be clearly identified on the world stage


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