Nato fiddles while Libya burns

The Americans couldn’t get out quickly enough!

We ought to have seen the writing on the wall when they dropped the baby into Nato’s bath.

Now I am sure that Nato is good at some things, but safeguarding Libyans is not falling into that category.

Between the USA and Nato, the present dangerous stalemate has been created and there is little prospect of peace and safety for millions of Libya.

With the moribund UN falling to the same useless category as Nato, something must surely be done to re-focus International attention upon the plight of Libya.

Air power alone will not suffice!

The way I see it, we can have either Colonel Gaddaffi,  or foreign troops on Libyan soil.

Letting Gaddaffi get away with his genocide would send out a fatal signal to other tinpot dictators around the world.


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