As the bombers fly tonight  because of, we are told, of bad weather, this  little gem just about says it all.

From the Times of India:

 Colonel Gaddafi is using his sexy blonde daughter as his secret weapon in the war against Libya’s rebels.

With revolutionaries fighting to take control of the country, Gaddafi is using pretty Aisha to rally battle-weary troops, reports the Daily Star. Aisha, dubbed the Claudia Schiffer of North Africa, is known for her designer sunglasses and supermodel looks. But with the country in the midst of a bloody civil war, the 34-year-old has ditched her makeup, donned a veil and headed to the war zone.

The mum-of-three has been stripped of her role as a UN Goodwill Ambassador because of her support for her brutal dad.

The rumoured death of one of her closest brothers, Khamis, 27, last week is said to be behind her rallying call.

Aisha has hated the West ever since she was nine, when her adopted sister Hanna was killed by a US air raid on Tripoli as they slept. Since then Aisha, who married her cousin Ahmed al-Gaddafi al-Qahsi in 2006, has spoken out in support of the IRA and worked as a lawyer for former Iraq tyrant Saddam Hussein.


Great pedigree!!!!


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